Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Decorating

I was inspired by this old postcard when I went to put up a tree 2 years ago. I heard my Mom telling a story about how she had walked in the snow to find a tree. That means they just went out and took whatever was growing , however it was growing, no trimming for years to give it that nice shape. So I decided that`s what I wanted to try. I went out and walked until I found one I thought would work and the trunk is very small compared to the ones you buy at a lot . I put it in this old bucket with a plastic bucket inside to prevent leakage, placed stones for support and wired it to the wall. I made folded paper stars and strung popcorn and cranberries. Baked gingerbread cookies and cut out shapes with my old cookie cutters. Clipped on candles ,but never lit them, and added white lights. A carved angel on top that was made by my friend. Added some dolls and animals from my collection and was very happy with the results. I`d love to see your early style trees too, send me a link .

Primitive Christmas Decorating

This basket looks like an upsidedown Christmas tree made from twigs. Cone shaped. Fill with greens and hang from a nice hanger. Again, having this wonderful doorway helps most colonial decorating look nice.

I love decorating with natural ,simple things. A candle in the window, a bough outside the window and of course having a great window in the 1st place helps too. This restored log house looks great on it`s own.

Moravian Stars

Love these moravian stars for holiday decorating. I found mine, one Summer, at an auction out in the country. I really enjoy it.

Christkindle Market Mifflinburg,Pa.2008

This is a Christmas pyramid. A giant version of the ones many people had in their homes. The small ones had candles and the heat from the candles would turn the propellers on top. This one is placed in an intersection on the street where they hold the Christkindle market each year. It turns by electricity.