Friday, October 24, 2008

Thoughts about Creating- Letting It Just Be

I listen to an acoustic guitar player, he plays the same instrument as the next guitar player, but why do I listen to him more than others? How can I paint an angel my way? 10 songs on an album, can I paint 10 angels and change them enough to be their own song? The guitar player writes his own songs, from his soul, but then maybe some are filler to get it finished, who knows? Why am I attracted to certain songs more than others? An energy .......a vibration ....higher vibrating, my level of vibration....? What is the attraction? Their energy being great when they create? My energy being joy , fun, enthusiasm. If I paint something and it comes out like I want, that definition being ,I can`t find anything else on the piece that looks like it needs something done to it, and something I would want if I could keep everything in the world? Many times I do want it and I don`t want to let it go. Maybe I`ll never be in a place to make that again, is my thinking , or is that my inner critic being sneaky, keeping me down, holding me back? Would that be me writing a song that only I get to hear and a few around me? What is my intention when I sit down to work? To listen, to be open to what comes, to get out of the accept what comes , and not judge or criticize , but let it be.

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