Sunday, July 15, 2007

Auction Find

Talk about value! This is what I found at the junk auction last week. It had a note" this is a very old pincushion". They weren`t lying! But I still got it for a song. I was so happy. The colors are perfect too. The glass at the bottom is chipped so the dealers that usually pay a lot for antiques thought it was nothing. Not realizing that it`s a make do. An early pincushion made back in the day when everything wasn`t disposible, but reused, recycled into something else. I love this spirit and I try to live this way myself, using old fabrics and materials to become something new to be used and loved. I compose, recycle, and give things away on in my area, so as not to fill our landfills. Most everything in my house is from auctions, flea markets, yard sales, except a few things I wasn`t able to find, and I like to buy a new mattress and box springs.
Auctioneers have probably been throwing these away for years. Who knows? But I was in the right place at the right time last week, at least for something that I value.


Lana said...

Melanee! What a find! You know how I love make-dos. Actually it is with your group that I first learned about them. That one is beautiful.

I love the items I purchased from you a while back. I am looking forward to using them in some things that I make.


Primitive Peddlers said...

What a treasure! I collect pincushions, make-dos and all things sewie and I have yet to find one of these in any of the shops I've been in. Lucky you!

Cathy :)