Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blue Popcorn

I go to a farmer`s market every week, I like to support local farmer`s and as Bill Nye says on "Stuff Happens" on the the green channel, I want to keep down my "food miles". Last week I found this blue popcorn. I haven`t eaten it yet to say if it`s good, but I`m taking it off the husk now. I figured if it`s not edible, I`d see if the birds will eat it. Maybe you`ve seen it before, but this is a first for me. It`s a great muted blue color.

After many hours and very sore fingers , this is what I ended up with. A large jar of beautiful blue popcorn that should last me until next season and a huge bowl of corn husks. Now what to do with the husks..... dolls are what comes to mind 1st. Native Americans made them for their children. How about stuffing a pillow or hand made mattress? That would be the inner filling and something softer like cotton batting on the outside. A wreath? not sure what it will end up becoming. My compost pile as a last resort.