Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some Early Clothes and Pegrack

My friend found this very early ladder at a barn sale out in the country . Half of it had deteriorated so badly she came up with the idea of using just half of it as a peg rack. Used the wrungs cut off for the pegs. It`s at least 8 feet long . From the 1800`s. As far as the clothes, they are from left to right a purple wool skirt, over that is a cardboard hat I got at an auction, could it be Shaker? , 2nd peg is children`s wool slips with cotton bodice`s, a wool skirt with red stitching at the bottom, maybe it was a wool slip. Child`s bonnet on top of that, next is a babies christening gown and the wool flannel slip is covering it up, and an old basket on top. At the right is a wool plaid shawl with fringe and a tin lantern.
The house below I`m hoping to find wonderful miniature primitives to have a room setting one day.

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