Sunday, February 3, 2008

Can Kittens have pacifiers?

I was riding in our truck with my husband and he was talking about our kitten , and called her Lucy, I said in a loud voice "her name isn`t Lucy it`s Lila!!!" and proceeded to laugh....... after I stopped laughing, I said, "I mean Lily..." So she will be called Lucy by my husband from now on since he was able to get a rise out of me, which seems to be his delight in life sometimes. Not in a mean way, but teasing. Lily`s name came about with a long compromise between my 10 year old Grandaughter and me. She wanted names like Cuddles and I wanted a nice old style female name. Finally one day she said Lily and that was one name we could both agree on, now if I could just remember it ! lol.

I found Lily at a pumpkin stand last September , when I was buying pumpkins and mums to decorate for my Sons birthday party outside.( Don`t you think her name should be pumpkin ?) She was crying her head off in a cat carrier and they said someone was coming to take her to the SPCA. I had thoughts of the worse case scenario , and thought she needed saved, but as usual it was me who needed her as it turns out. I need some craziness added to my quiet life. My husband says I really know how to pick them, because she`s really a different acting cat, crazy and wild, but then sweet and loving. Sounds perfect to me.

Now this kitten was too young to be away from his mother, she had lost her mother somehow. She couldn`t even eat food yet, so I gave her half and half, she was able to drink that. So to make up for not having her Mama, she cuddled up to me and started to purr and knead me with her paws, and started to suckle on my knit shirt. I let her do this for a few weeks until she could eat regular food and then I acted like a Mama cat and pushed her away. Well, she`s not ready for that, so every night when I get ready for bed, I drop my clothes to the floor that I`ve worn that day, still warm and smelling like me, she rushes over and starts sucking and kneading and purring for about 5-10 minutes. I fall asleep with that sound, the sucking noises clicking about as fast as a second hand of a watch. I smile each night and fall asleep.